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Making sure your furnace and air conditioner are properly maintained is more important today than ever. With electronic igniters, inducer motors and two stage gas valves in furnaces today and newer refrigerants and bigger coils in today's higher efficient air conditioners, there are a lot more components that need to be maintained. Making sure these vital components are checked and cleaned on a regular basis can go along way in helping to keep your current unit humming along and extending its life as well.

Our NATE certified technician Lance Burgess – who has over ten years of industry experience including the last five years at Hetter – offers the following:

"When we are busy, I am running 6 to 8 service calls per day here in central Ohio. I would venture to say that 75% of those service runs – which can cost the homeowner a couple hundred dollars depending on what is wrong – would be preventable if they had their HVAC equipment on a regular maintenance program. Just like an automobile, furnaces require regular maintenance. Sometimes people forget that. We try educate as best we can."

As is often times human nature, a lot of people wait until they either notice a problem or their furnace or air conditioner isn't working at all. In our industry, units commonly go down or fail to turn on when the weather gets extreme. Regular maintenance helps to prevent any such emergency phone calls. With newer furnaces for example, sensors can get dirty and potentially cause service issues. With air conditioners, coils get dirty and as they age they begin developing leaks that equates into lower efficiencies, lower capacities and higher utility bills.

Maintenance Agreements can easily pay for themselves over the life of either your indoor or outdoor unit.

"To whom it may concern: I would like to commend your technician Lance. He was recently here to check my furnace for winter. He has always been very professional, polite and neat. He makes sure that I understand if there is a problem and gives me options for correcting or replacing the equipment. Your company is fortunate to have such a competent employee. It is a pleasure to do business with him. P.S. Please be sure to compliment him for me."

Hetter Heating and Cooling is so proud to have Lance a part of our staff. He is just one of the many outstanding, highly trained, competent, knowledgeable, polite and conscientious technical staff we have assembled and we are anxious to show them off to you. All our service and installation technicians leave our shop every morning with one goal in mind – treat you like family.

At Hetter Heating & Cooling, we take our maintenance checks seriously. For pricing information or to schedule your furnace or air conditioner's annual clean & check today, call us at (614) 784-9200 or e-mail .

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