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Hetter president spearheads ACCA's 'Heat the Town' for third year in a row - 09/01/2006

Its all volunteer and again it was all well received. Hetter Heating & Cooling is again very proud to have participated in this year's third annual Heat the Town program. Members of the local chapter of ACCA (Air Conditioner Contractors of America) organized and donated their time and expertise for the event offering FREE furnace service to over two hundred low income households on Saturday, September 30th, 2006. John Hetterscheidt, president of Hetter Heating & Cooling, was again the event chairman. Columbus Leads put together the list of recipients whose furnaces received a thorough fall clean and check. In all, 160 furnaces were serviced and of that number, seven were determined to have bad heat exchangers. Sixteen ACCA member companies donated their time, equipment and expertise to help low income residents of our community before the real chill gets in the air. Thanks to everyone !!