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Fourth annual Heat the Town praised by Columbus Fire - 09/01/2007

Hetter Heating & Cooling is again proud to have been a big part of the fourth annual Heat the Town program sponsored by the central Ohio chapter of the Air Conditioner Contractors of America. This year Columbus Fire Lieutenant David Sawyer threw his support behind the event..The main (fire) emergencies in the winter are carbon monoxide, said Sawyer. Carbon Monoxide is incomplete combustion whose source can be gas furnaces, gas stoves or even automobiles and inhalation can be fatal. Lt. Sawyer went on to say that he estimates his station - at the corner of Morse & Karl - ran as many as four runs per day last winter due to foreign odors. Most of the calls turn out to be due to malfunctioning CO detectors or simply false alarms, but the issue is still a serious one. Hetter Heating & Cooling has been a big part of Heat the Town since its inception in September, 2004. This year's event included some twenty HVAC companies and over 150 volunteers who offered FREE preventive maintenance on furnaces for over 150 homeowners who otherwise could not afford it.