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Because A/C technology has evolved, Hetter strongly recommends an annual spring maintenance check - 04/01/2007

Making sure your air conditioner is properly maintained is more important than ever. Coils get dirty as they age and can begin developing leaks which equates into lower efficiencies, lower capacities and higher utility bills. Making sure not only your coils are kept clean but other vital components are checked and cleaned on a regular basis as well can go along way in helping to keep your current unit humming along and extending its life. As is often times human nature, a lot of people wait until they either notice a problem or their furnace or air conditioner isnt working at all. In our industry, units commonly go down or fail to turn on when the weather gets extreme. Just as an example of this, at Hetter Heating & Cooling, we noticed a significant spike in the telephone calls we received for service and/or installation from new and old customers last year on Thursday, May 25th (first spring heat wave) and Thursday, October 12th (first real cold spell). Regular maintenance helps to prevent any such emergency phone calls. Keeping both your indoor and outdoor coils clean does maximize efficiency. At Hetter Heating & Cooling, we take our maintenance checks seriously. For more information or to schedule you're A/C clean & check today, call us at (614) 784-9200, go to our website www.hetterheating.com/service, or e-mail rick@hetterheating.com.