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Installing an 80% gas furnace in Ohio still doable for now - 04/08/2013

In a statement released April 5, 2013, the US Department of Energy announced that it will not enforce the rules regarding residential natural gas furnaces installed in the 30 northern states (including Ohio) to be at least 90% efficient on May 1, 2013. This, however, is pending the outcome of a lawsuit challenging those rules. The new rules would have made it illegal for homeowners in northern states to install less expensive 80% efficient gas furnaces after May 1, 2013. This announcement means that even though the rules remain on the books, the DOE will not enforce them. HVAC contractors such as Hetter, therefore, will be allowed to continue installing 80% furnaces without consequence to ourselves or our customers. In an exercise of enforcement discretion, the DOE will during the pendency of litigation, act in a manner consistent with the terms of the settlement agreement with regard to the enforcement of standards. This mandate would have been extremely challenging for apartment building owners, some condos & any homeowner who currently has a finished basement. Industry insiders still expect these new rules to be implemented at some point down the road as we await an official ruling from the court, but for now 80% furnaces in Ohio are still doable.