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Columbia Gas ups the pay out on its cash rebate program - 01/27/2014

Columbia Gas announced late last year a new customer cash rebate program for those interested in upgrading their current gas furnace to one that delivers 96% efficiency. Hetter Heating & Cooling is a proud partner with Columbia Gas in this program. At Hetter, we install both Trane & Tempstar furnaces - both of which offer homeowners a couple options that would qualify for up $300 right off your invoice. The efficiency & the cash rebate amount have been upped over the old program offered by Columbia Gas. Also, those who already have a high efficient gas furnace would still qualify. For all-electric homes, given the affordable cost of natural gas, those wanting to switch from electric to gas would qualify as well. Hetter Heating & Cooling is one of thirty local HVAC contractors & 67 statewide participating in this program. If your existing gas furnace is fifteen years or older or you are simply tired of expensive repairs, call our sales staff today for a free in-home estimate.