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Trane introduces its variable speed air conditioner - 04/08/2014

Trane is not usually the first to market with new technology; however their reputation for what customers really want - reliability - is second to none. This past fall Trane unveiled its new TruComfort line of variable speed air conditioners and heat pumps - the XV20i. This state-of-the-art system delivers precise and efficient comfort by running its compressor at the exact speed needed to keep your home at the ideal temperature, no matter what the conditions are outside. The operating range of the XV20i is greater than that of its competition which means superior humidity removal. Its price is substantially better as well. Trane knows variable speed. They were the first to introduce variable speed in furnaces in the mid 80s. Putting variable speed in the outdoor unit grew from market demands for better comfort in the home. The XV20i has more than 1500 patents and won first place for forced air cooling equipment in August at Comfortech - our industry's annual new product showcase. For more information on the XV20i, visit our cooling page, go to trane.com or contact any of our sales reps.