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AEP's rebate program shrinks - 03/16/2015

Homeowners who are planning to install a new higher efficient air conditioner or heat pump this year will receive a little less from AEP in the form of rebates. American Electric Power has announced a new rebate structure: $200 for heat pump systems that qualify; $450 for heat pumps that qualify for early retirement; $150 for qualifying air conditioners; and $275 for ACs in early retirement. Adding a thermostat can bring the maximum all-electric rebate possible to $520; for traditional gas furnace & AC homes the maximum - with thermostat - is now $310. The early retirement plan is new. Its purpose is to incentivize homeowners to purchase a more efficient system, though the parameters are narrower than before. If you have any questions on the new rebate structure and/or would like a free in home estimate, please feel free to contact our sales staff at 614-784-9200.