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New Trane S-series gas furnace getting solid early reviews - 09/09/2016

Earlier this year Trane introduced its first furnace re-design in almost 25 years. The S-series line rolled out to consumers this past February & now its predecessor, the XV95, is completely out of production. Tranes S-series furnace is shorter which allows for a cleaner install; factory specs call for a smaller PVC exhaust pipe so its less invasive in your basement; and it features through-the-door diagnostic readouts which makes it easier for service techs to get to the root of a potential issue. Tranes XV95 (formerly the XV90) was one of Tranes most popular gas furnaces. Like the S-series, the XV95 featured two stage heating (a Trane innovation) & the highly efficient variable speed blower. After more than 2.5 years of design & re-design & having gone through the most brutal & abusive testing possible, the early reviews on the S-series are solid.