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Smart homes getting smarter - 03/03/2017

Nexia Home Intelligence unveiled even more exciting additions to their Smart Home network available to residential homeowners. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nexia demonstrated the breadth of their Z-Wave based internet system by showcasing remote motorized blinds, washing machine cycle light alerts and even partnerships with insurers discounting homeowners for protecting their investment with smart technology. Nexia, like Trane, is a part of the ever growing Ingersoll Rand global empire. Their partnerships already include thermostat options that can be remotely accessed through your smart phone and tied into remote access cameras, lights and locks. As part of their growing network, Nexia even introduced a mouse trap that alerts you when a pest is captured and it is time to empty the trap. Other additions include high definition indoor and outdoor cameras offering wide fields of view, 16GB storage and customized video-based motion sensing zones. For more information, visit www.nexiahome.com.