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Whole house humidifier can help keep you & your family healthy - 09/15/2017

As with high humidity being an issue for homeowners in the summer months, low humidity levels can be equally uncomfortable in your home in the winter. Hetter Heating & Cooling sells and installs whole house humidifiers to help combat dry indoor air when temperatures drop outside. The most popular humidifier we install is the Aprilaire 600 bypass. According to Aprilaire.com, dry indoor air can increase the likelihood of getting colds, flu & other respiratory ailments. Low humidity can not only cause wood in your home to crack but can even lead to higher energy costs because dry indoor air feels cooler. The optimum relative humidity level is between 30% and 50%. The average American home in February - the driest indoor month of the year - registers a relative humidity between 10% and 15%. Select thermostats do offer a relative humidity display from which you can adjust the humidity level in your home. For more information, check out the humidifier page or contact our sales department at (614) 784-9200.