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Trane & Hetter partnership reaches 18 year mark - 09/21/2018

Hetter Heating & Cooling is so proud to be partnered with the worlds best HVAC manufacturer - Trane. 2018 marks our eighteenth year together - and we're still in marital bliss. A couple of notes on Trane: in case you missed it, the Trane / American Standard family finished #1 and #2 on the most recent Consumer Reports survey for air conditioner reliability (July, 2018). By our count that marks seven top three finishes in the last thirteen years. No other manufactured can make that claim. This most recent survey was computed based on the estimated likelihood of breakage by the end of the fifth year of ownership. Also, Tranes current 80% gas furnace lines are undergoing a design change. The new S-series 80% Trane furnaces - due out some time this winter - will be shorter in stature to facilitate a more seamless install. And finally, Trane has announced that both their two stage air conditioner lines - the XL18i and XR17 - have been improved. Both now come with a new, more efficient two stage compressor, a new high efficient two speed fan motor and fewer brazed in joints on the condenser coil to improve reliability.