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Trane expands S-series line of gas furnaces - 01/03/2019

Trane has expanded its popular S-series gas furnace line to include the new attractively designed S8X1 single stage and S8X2 two stage 80% furnaces. These new models not only feature the smaller cabinet that the S-series is known for, but both also come with an ECM high efficient blower motor. New federal government regulations require all gas furnaces to at least have a higher efficient ECM blower by July of this year. Both units also offer the following: compatibility with a two stage air conditioner which means customers now have more cooling options; less than one percent air leakage which means they are quieter; multiple venting options; and a new sleek design. Because of the higher efficient blower motor soon to be required by federal mandate, these units will sell for a slightly higher price than Trane's current XR80 single stage and XL80 two stage 80% furnaces that are being phased out.