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HVAC industry loses a great ambassador - 04/02/2019

Some people you meet in life are simply unforgettable. Barry Burnett was one of those people. He was not only good at what he did, he was great at it. Barry owned the HVAC consulting firm BDR that was and still is based out of Seattle. He would travel across the country hosting seminars aimed at making HVAC dealers not only more customer focused, but more efficient. Hetter has been a client for over ten years. At his seminars, of which at least four Hetter staff members have attended over the years on various topics, you would not only learn but you would be entertained. Barry used every buying experience in his life - no matter what he was buying - as a chance to learn. His seminars were full of these stories. Barry loved to learn from companies who marketed themselves the best. Harley Davidson was one of his favorites. Unfortunately, Barry passed away last fall driving ironically his brand new Harley home from the dealership. We will always remember his deep passion for our industry and be grateful for his contribution to it.