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Hetter supply chain heroes getting it done - 12/01/2020

Two of Tranes main manufacturing facilities - one in Tyler, Texas and the other in New Jersey were forced to shut down at various times this past summer - both for at least fifteen days - because of COVID-19. Troy Reeder, who has been with Trane just over two years, is Hetters factory rep. Needless to say, this year has been a whirlwind for him and everyone. At one point, because of the virus, both he and his GM found themselves in the warehouse for a couple of weeks pulling orders. Keeping the supply chain moving has been the order of the day since March. "Rolling shutdowns are still occurring at the plant level," says Kevin Nutter of Carr Supply. Kevin his Hetters Tempstar rep. We have learned to adapt, he says, but he expects this to continue across the industry into 2021. Hetter would like to sincerely thank both of our factory reps who have worked tirelessly to secure equipment for our customers through trying times. Hetter has stocked equipment in various sizes to be ready for the winter heating season.