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Employment needs continue to grow in the HVAC industry - 04/19/2021

According to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, Ohio employs just over 12,000 HVAC workers, seventh highest in the country (behind Florida, California, Texas & New York among others). Through 2028 this number in Ohio is expected to increase conservatively by 12.6%. If you take into account the projected industry retirement rate, the gap between jobs available and qualified replacements is only going to grow even wider. The numbers vary depending upon where you look, but the hard reality is there - our industry is hiring. Ohio has some of the highest number of accredited HVAC schools in the country, therefore, offering many more opportunities for training. Hetter is currently in the market for qualified technicians both in service and installation. If you are interested in exploring a possible employment opportunity with us or if you know of someone who is ready to learn, work and be apart of a great team contact our GM Mike Graessle at 614-784-9200.