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Hetter's 22-year veteran Laurel Eikey to retire - 12/14/2021

In the spring of 1999, Hetter hired what turned out to be the backbone of our company. More than 22 years later, that backbone has decided to retire. Laurel Eikey is and has been a dedicated, loyal and tireless worker for our company. She has performed literally every job in our office. She's a Pittsburgh native and came to Hetter after 21 years at Frigidaire. Her last day is December 31, some 273 months after she started here. Laurel is a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with stage two lung cancer in 2014. She is the cement that holds our company together, says Hetter owner & president John Hetterscheidt. Laurel says she looks forward to volunteering more in the cancer support community when she retires. She is a grandmother and hopes to be able to visit her three grandsons in Michigan and her sister in Missouri more as well. Thank you for your incredible contribution to our company's growth & high standard. Happy Retirement Laurel!