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Some Hetter customers choosing to go hybrid - 11/01/2022

Long time Hetter customer Greg of Worthington recently had us replace his 80% efficient gas furnace and air conditioner with a high efficient gas furnace and modulating heat pump. "The future energy source is electricity and I'm a solar developer," Greg says. The gas furnace and heat pump combination is our industry's version of a hybrid system. The heat pump cools in the summer and heats during the mild winter days while the gas furnace takes over when it really gets cold out. The goal - use more electricity and less natural gas. According to the DOE, heat pumps can be up to 300% efficient during the milder winter days. Electrification is a growing trend in the U.S., according to a recent article in the HVAC industry publication The News. This process involves replacing fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) with electricity. In the U.S., according to The News article, 70 million homes and businesses still burn gas, oil and propane, generating 600 million tons of CO2 each year. Heat pumps are more expensive than air conditioners to install and (because they heat & cool) do no generally last as long. For more information and pricing, contact our sales office.